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About Us

Hello, i am Runjhun, the passion-driven spirit behind Keva Clothing. Keva, which means ‘lotus’ in the beautiful Sanskrit language, is not just a brand for me but a reflection of my journey across two worlds.

Our clothing isn’t just fabric stitched together; it’s an emotion, a story, an ode to the seamless blend of past traditions and present sensibilities. Keva clothing is for the modern woman who embraces her roots while looking ahead, who values comfort without compromising on style. Our clothes promise to be a breath of fresh air in your wardrobe and can be easily dressed up or down as per your mood or the occasion.

Our tagline, designed in Germany, made with love in India, is more than just words. It’s my life’s journey, my balancing act between two contrasting worlds, made seamless by my love for design. Operating from Germany also helps me bring global trends to my design table and overall helps me maintain an international character for the brand.

Today, Keva Clothing is more than just a brand. It’s a story, a journey, a legacy in the making. Our exclusive collections are available at our website, and we’re also listed on leading online marketplaces. It fills my heart with gratitude to see the love and acceptance from our growing customer base.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. I invite you to explore, to feel, to resonate with our creations, and to become a part of our ever-growing family.

With all my heart,

Runjhun Gupta

Founder & Chief Designer, Keva Clothing

Our Story

Starting Keva Clothing was not just a professional endeavor but a personal dream. The genesis of this brand was my deep-rooted love for fashion and styling, but what truly propelled me was the desire to craft clothing that catered to everyone. My father, a seasoned garment exporter, has been and continues to be my beacon throughout this journey. His expertise, guidance, and unwavering support have been instrumental in shaping the brand. From understanding the intricacies of the garment business to making informed choices, his wisdom has been my guiding star.

Jaipur, my beloved hometown serves as the muse for most of our collections. There’s art in every corner of this historic city from its majestic forts to its bustling bazaars. The myriad hues, the riot of patterns, the whispers of bygone eras all serve as inspiration when i sketch out a design for Keva Clothing. And it doesnt stop at inspiration. Jaipur is also where our magic comes to life. Local artisans, who have inherited age-old embroidery techniques, breathe life into our designs, crafting pieces that speak of elegance and a unique touch of heritage.

Every creation at Keva Clothing is a tribute to my home, Jaipur. It’s where my dreams began, where i first imagined drapes and silhouettes that echoed India’s rich artforms coupled with modern-day sensibilities. And while destiny took me to Germany, from where i currently coordinate the entire production, my heart and the essence of Keva Clothing remains deeply Indian.



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