Introducing ‘Leher’, a harmonious blend of traditional Indian textiles and contemporary international silhouettes. Curated for the cosmopolitan spirit, this festive collection elegantly fuses the vibrant essence of Indian tie and dye techniques with the allure of global fashion trends.
The name ‘Leher’, meaning ‘wave’ in Hindi, beautifully encapsulates the rhythmic patterns of our tie and dye designs, reminiscent of the undulating waves of the sea. Saturated in a palette of vivacious colours, each piece becomes a canvas, echoing the rich heritage of the Leheriya and Bandhani crafts, all painstakingly handcrafted by the skilled artisans of Jaipur.
However, it’s not just the textiles that make Leher special. Our silhouettes, though deeply rooted in Indian craftsmanship, radiate an international flair. Breezy, chic, and impeccably stylish, these designs ensure you make a statement wherever you go. Versatility is at the heart of this collection, offering ensembles that can be donned for a plethora of occasions, from festive celebrations to casual soirées.
This collection is where our Indian soul meets our international spirit. So, dive into the world of Leher now.

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