Lavender Loom

Presenting Lavender Loom, our summer festive collection that pays homage to Indian craft traditions with a refreshing, contemporary twist. Showcasing the charm of intricate block prints in the serene hue of lavender, this collection stands true to our dedication to craft, colour, and creativity. Each piece is carefully adorned with faux mirror work detailing that glistens against the soft, lavender palette, adding an element of light and allure.

Lavender, a symbol of grace and feminine elegance, has made a celebrated comeback in recent fashion trends. A hue that’s often synonymous with serenity and calm, lavender offers a break from the mainstream, traditional festive colours, infusing every occasion with its soothing and sophisticated essence.

The Lavender Loom presents breezy silhouettes that beautifully blend comfort with style. Versatile in their design, these pieces can be styled in myriad ways to suit your personal style and cater to various festive occasions. Whether it’s a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, these ensembles promise to bring a hint of elegance and grace to your festivities.

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